A Brief History

The monks of Ballylarkin Abbey, in the heart of Ireland, created Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur many centuries ago for their patrons, The Shortall Clan.

Ballylarkin Abbey

The Abbey, now in ruins, is set in the lush green pastures and woodlands of North Kilkenny, surrounded by castles, great houses, monastic ruins and other reminders of Irelands turbulent and romantic past.

The Shortalls were the Norman Lords of Ballylarkin and conferred their patronage on the Abbey, which they built for the Augustinian monks.

Secret Recipe

The good monks created this liqueur for their patrons and the secret has been handed down through the generations to the present holders.

Our liqueur, which we proudly present, is made to this ancient and secret recipe with the same care and dedication as was given to its creation many centuries ago.


The days of peace and plenty came to an end with the dissolution of the monasteries in Ireland & England during the reign of Henry VIII.

The next stage of the rebirth of this exceptional liqueur was the creation , in 1777 of a distillery in the village of Freshford, County Kilkenny, that gained its inspiration from the earlier activities of the monks in Ballylarkin Abbey.