Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur

This highly versatile liqueur is a delicious mellow combination of citrus, vanilla and fine malt whiskey originally created by Ballylarkin Abbey Monks in Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.

Here are some suggestions as to how it could be served ...

Ballylarkin Liqueur on the Rocks

On The Rocks

Kilkenny’s very own whiskey liqueur is a delicious combination of citrus and vanilla mellowed with malt whiskey. Can be sipped neat over ice or mixed.

Kilkenny Coffee

In an Irish Coffee glass - add a measure of Ballylarkin, strong black coffee topped with lightly whipped cream

Ballylarkin Liqueur Kilkenny Coffee

Ballylarkin Liqueur Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

Just add a generous measure of Ballylarkin into hot water, 2-3 cloves and slice of lemon

.... (a proven medicine!)

Ballylarkin Cocktails

The Abbot's Indulgence

  • One Measure Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur
  • One Measure of your Favourite Whiskey
  • Ice Cubes
  • Stirred not Shaken
  • Slainte ....
The Abbots Indulgence Ballylarkin Liqueur

The Monks Wine Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur

The Monk's Wine

  • One Measure Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur
  • One Measure Creme de Cacao
  • Top up with Cranberry Juice
  • Slainte ....

The Saint Patrick

  • One Measure Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur
  • One Measure of Creme de Bananas
  • One dash Blue Curacao
  • Shake on Ice & Garnish with a Slice of Orange
  • Slainte ....
The Saint Patrick Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur

The Abbot's Antifreeze

  • A Stemmed Glass half full with Apple Juice
  • Heat in Microwave
  • Add one measure of Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur
  • Stir, hold the glass by the stem & Enjoy
  • Slainte ....