Technical Data

Ballylarkin Irish Liqueur


The product has been approved, by the appropriate Irish Government agencies, for manufacture and consumer sales in the Republic of Ireland and for consumer sales in the rest of the European Community. It is produced and bottled in the Republic of Ireland under the supervision of the Irish Government. The product is based on neutral spirit, of agricultural origin (Cane Molasses), and whiskey. It is flavoured with a number of natural flavourings and sweetened with sugar syrup.

Legal Definition

The product conforms fully as a liqueur within the definition in the E.C. Council Regulation (EEC) No. 1576/89 (Article 1 Section 4r) and as such all flavourings used conform to the definition "Natural Flavourings" and specified in the E.C. Flavouring Directive 88/388/EEC.

The product also complies fully with the regulations of the United States.

  • Revenue Heading 6071
  • Export Tariff Classification 2208 701011
  • Neutral Spirit @ ca 96% Volume
  • Malt Whiskey @ ca 63% Volume
  • Irish Pot Still Whiskey (MMP) @ ca 63% Volume
  • Natural Flavourings
  • Sugar Syrup
Final Product
  • Alcoholic Content: 40% by Volume @ 20C
  • Sugar Content: 38.4% wlv
  • Colour: 15ᴼEBC
  • Specific Gravity: 1.05
Filtration & Bottling

The product is filtered and bottled into 750ml bottles, sealed with a Stelcap, labelled and packed in cases of twelve.